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General Information
Roosevelt Middle School's Goal
"Improve Student Achievement"

Daily Schedule
9:10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

By Periods

1st                  2nd                3rd                    4th                       5th                      6th                    7th

9:10-10:00 10:05-10:55 (a)11:30-12:20 (a)12:25-1:15 1:20-2:10 2:15-3:05 3:10-4:00

(b)11:00-11:50 (b)12:25-1:15

    (c)11:00-11:50  (c)11:55-12:45      

(a) 1st Lunch - 10:55-11:25

(b) 2nd Lunch - 11:50-12:20

(c) 3rd Lunch - 12:45-1:15


 Administration Info.

David Clark - Head Principal - Email
Barbara Livengood - Principal's Secretary - Email

Rabecca Bennett - Assistant Principal  - Email

Theressa Manzanedo - Assistant Principal  -

Howard Walker - Assistant Principal  - Email

Title I Parent Meeting Information
Roosevelt Middle School - Fields and Futures!

Thank you to Edmond North's BALTO Week. They raised $708,000.00 for Fields and Futures for the fields that will be built at Roosevelt! We greatly appreciate your generosity!

TSA Team Results

"Mr. Dennis, Mr. Lowery,

Congratulations on your TSA Team Results!!  Your kids look awesome and I know were prepared for the competitions.  How lucky they are to have such dedicated (and skilled) teachers.

Please submit...for those that will advance to nationals. Again, Thank You!"

Susan, CTE Director

Once again the Roosevelt TSA team has rocked it at the State competition.

PJ - 2nd Dragster challenge

AG -  2nd Project Fair

FH - 3rd Project Fair 

HM - 4th Project Fair

LG - 9th place Dragster Challenge


Roosevelt's Vision "Roosevelt students will be ready for high school"

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For our Spanish Speaking Parents: If you would like to take classes to learn English, contact our Adult Education Department at 405-231-2053 or 405-231-2054.


New Data posted after Benchmarking, check back soon.

Self Tracking of Student Progress
Parent Newsletter

Parents: Our goal is to involve our community in educating all our children.  We need your involvement! Stop by at our new classes with Language and Cultural Communities as always great things are happening at Roosevelt!

Check here for more details or in your students backpacks for information sent home!

Click on the link below to see details of all this years events and participants.

Padre Boletin

Padres: Nuestra meta aquí en la escuela de Roosevelt es que todos los estudiantes continuamente estén aumentando sus destrezas de leer. ¡ Por favor animen sus hijos a leer cada noche!

New School Year Parent Letter in Spanish.docx

New School Year Parent Letter in Spanish.doc

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